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Introducing the VLA26 Vega Chair in chrome 

Carl Hansen & Søn introduced the VLA26 Vega Chair in 2022 in partnership with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects in an elegant mix of powder-coated black steel, oak, and an optional upholstered seat. The chair is now available in a new variant with a polished chrome frame.

    The Sound of Design

    In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Carl Hansen & Søn is honored to launch unique pieces of furniture by master architect Vilhelm Theodor Lauritzen, which have previously only been produced for the renowned Danish cultural institutions for which they were intended.


    Vilhelm Lauritzen was an internationally renowned architect and a pioneer of Danish functionalism. With the celebration of the 100-year anniversary of Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects in 2022, Carl Hansen & Søn is honored to launch furniture which had previously only been produced for the buildings for which they were intended.

    Radiohuset and Vega – a renowned Danish cultural institution and a concert hall, respectively – showcase the supreme functionality of Lauritzen’s creations. Today, the Foyer Series and Vega chair have been reintroduced for private homes as a tribute to Lauritzen’s contribution to Danish furniture design.


    One of Vilhelm Lauritzen’s most famous works is Radiohuset (1945). Today, it is heritage-listed as a total design that was comprehensively conceived from the inside out as Lauritzen produced everything from furniture and door handles to its Modernist typology. The building remains one of the most accomplished examples of Functionalism, where the various functions – such as the foyer, concert hall, and offices – are represented in the shape of the building itself. The facade is made of durable sandstone, whereas the interior is rendered in Greenlandic marble, brass, and teak hardwood, with a foyer ceiling crafted from cowhide stretched over mineral wool. Today, the corridors are still filled with music from the students of the Royal Danish Academy of Music.


    Vega (1956) was originally created by Vilhelm Lauritzen as a universal meeting place for the labor movement. Reflecting his belief that small details make the biggest difference, Lauritzen designed everything for the building himself, from friezes and chandeliers down to the light fixtures and wall sockets. In 1996, the modernist building was transformed into a concert venue after an extensive restoration and has since then set the tone for Copenhagen’s cultural life.

    VLA26 Vega Chair

    Vilhelm Lauritzen created Danish modernist masterpieces in which everything was considered down to the smallest detail – such as the music venue Vega, for which he designed the VLA26 Vega Chair. Previously only found in Vega’s historic concert halls, the Vega Chair is now being put into production by Carl Hansen & Søn in partnership with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. This stackable chair appears in an elegant mix of steel, wood, and textile or leather, with precise upholstery on the seat and back that gives it a slender and refined look. For a more reduced appearance, the chair is also crafted without upholstery to bring the tactile FSC™-certified oak into full focus. Its simple design is elegantly finished with wooden feet.

    Foyer Series

    Vilhelm Lauritzen designed Copenhagen’s Radiohuset (1945) for national Danish broadcaster Danmarks Radio. Inside the heritage-listed building, Lauritzen custom-made all furniture and lighting, including the Foyer Series designed to adorn the magnificent foyer.

    Paying great respect to the original design, the series has been reintroduced in FSC-certified oak with natural leather upholstery. Each design is characterized by a unique interplay between the oak frame and the upholstered seats and backrests, which almost seem to float. Armrests and legs on both sofa and chair are assembled from three parts and hand-polished with the utmost care to avoid the appearance of noticeable transitions. Despite the series’ delicate silhouette, comfort is still central to the soft seating and backrests of the design.

    VLA61 Monarch Chair - Poetic functionalism

    Lauritzen’s keen interest in butterflies is reflected in the name of the VLA61 Monarch Chair, inspired by the majestic monarch butterfly. In collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, the chair has been reborn with a contemporary perspective on material composition as well as details, and each chair is the product of hours of passionate craftsmanship. All parts are polished by hand several times, and the top rail is only upholstered when the chair is assembled in order to achieve a perfect finish. All these subtleties help highlight the sculptural expression of Lauritzen’s recreated masterpiece.

    Monarc Chair designet af Vilhelm Lauritzen

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