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SALONE DEL MOBILE 2017: Carl Hansen & Søn welcomes you to The Milan Home, a thoughtfully curated apartment at this year's Milan Fair Ground that explores the way we translate the traditional spaces we inhabit into a home. Each day during Salone del Mobile 2017 we revealed a new chapter - Explore the entire Milan Home here



Lived In,
by Carl Hansen & Søn

The way we structure our lives and our homes, and the relationship between the two, is shifting. How is a space transformed into a place to live? How does a collection of furniture become a sanctuary? For this year's Milan Furniture Fair Carl Hansen & Søn has created an apartment that explores the way we translate the house we live in into our home.

Our home is a place for comfort and privacy while at the same time serving as a mirror to reflect our identity. Each day, as we inhabit and experience our house, we create more layers for our homes. Emotions, atmosphere, memory, attraction and comfort are as much of our home as the furniture we choose to have in it, and it is the relationship between the two that translates a space into a 'lived in' home - somewhere that is ours, that leave us with a sense of wellbeing and self.


Carl Hansen & Søn put these immeasurable assets to the forefront: we celebrates the spirit that inhabits a home, spaces that are designed for real life, for everyday lives. Our design principles reflect the adaptability and functionality of modern life with the soul and heart of crafting the beautiful pieces of furniture that we choose to share our lives with.

Providing a thoughtful framework for the rituals and functions that make a home, our collection sets the scene for everyday life: a space that is always evolving and growing - being lived in. 

During Salone del Mobile 2017 a new chapter was revealed each day as we presented The Milan Home room by room - Discover the entire story here.

Welcome to our Milan Home.

--> Chapter 1: The Hallway: "Home & Privacy"
--> Chapter 2: The Kitchen: "Home & Sharing"
--> Chapter 3: The Dining Room: "Home & Representation"
--> Chapter 4: The Study: "Home & Identity"

--> Chapter 5: The Living Room: "Home & Memory"
--> Chapter 6: The Bathroom: "Home & Intimacy"

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