Carl Hansen & Søn



NEWS FALL 2017: Anker Bak and Carl Hansen & Søn present an innovative and functional rocking chair.


An innovative and mutually rewarding relationship between Carl Hansen & Søn and the innovative young designer Anker Bak has resulted in a unique design. Based on archetypal shapes, natural materials, and respect for the craftsmanship traditions established by his predecessors, Anker Bak has created a rocking chair that combines the classic with the innovative. The Rocking Nest Chair is a small but extremely comfortable, functional chair that easily folds with just a few simple movements.

For the Rocking Nest Chair Bak has used classic materials - leather, canvas and wood - while challenging the classic rocking chair concept. The Rocking Nest Chair surprises not only with its lightness but also with its format, which fits perfectly into smaller homes or other places where space is limited and needs to be used optimally.

The Rocking Nest Chair will be available in stores from October 2017.

Read more about the Rocking Nest Chair.

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