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Canvas 2
Clara 2
Remix 3


Canvas is a vibrant woollen upholstery textile created by Giulio Ridolfo. Particularly well-suited to large surfaces thanks to its pronounced structure, it features a soft weave and an expanded palette inspired by the landscapes of Skagen, Denmark.

The melange yarn used to craft Canvas combines three colours, with six hues in every colourway. Consequently, the textile offers exceptional colour richness and an intriguing expression. From a distance, it has the calm surface of a unicoloured textile. But, get closer, and shimmering colour nuances, delicate contrasts and an elegant structure emerge.

90% new wool worsted 
10% nylon

Clara 2

Designed by Anne Birgitte Hansen. Clara is available in twelve sets of reverse colourways. One version is unicoloured and interwoven with melange stitching, while the other is with unicolour stitching on a melange background.

The melange yarns add depth to the look of Clara and combine to vibrant effect with the unicolour yarns. The fabric, which changes appearance according to the position of the viewer, projects a strong sense of volume and richness.

92% new wool worsted / 8% nylon

Remix 3

Remix 3 is an elegant upholstery textile distinguished by exceptional depth of colour, designed by Giulio Ridolfo. It comes in 23 new hues, adding to an already expansive palette which now offers a total of 72 sophisticated colourways.

Remix 3 looks unicoloured from a distance but reveals subtle details and colour contrasts when viewed close-up. The textile features a tight, minimalistic weave, and derives its lively colour play from a combination of two different mélange yarns, which each combine up to three hues.

The new colours – carefully selected from 2600 samples– are inspired by an extensive study of traditional Indigo dyeing undertaken by Giulio Ridolfo on his travels. Centred around deep combinations of blues and rich natural reds, they also include subtly coloured neutrals.

90% new wool worsted / 10% nylon


Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric in a casual yet sophisticated tweed look. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined mélange pattern creating a lively and beautifully rugged surface that never ceases to change under your gaze.

Available in a versatile selection of 43 colours, Capture offers an abundance of hues to match any design, material and interior. The warm and intense colour palette covers a distinct selection of brown and yellowish tones inspired by the world of spices as well as a range of timeless neutrals and contemporary shades. These include variations of grey and beige, soft and dusty shades of blue, powdery pinks, and multiple shades of lavender and green. The colour scale provides groups of colours that complement each other and make it easy to create harmonious colour combinations.

85% New Zealand wool / 15% polyamide


Mood is an exclusive woollen upholstery fabric woven from multi-hued yarns. It offers all the desirable properties of wool and meets the requirements of the contract, soft contract and home furniture markets.

92% New Zealand wool / 8% polyamide.