Furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn is designed and produced to last for generations. We choose the materials we use carefully, based on several important criteria such as strength and durability, lasting beauty, sustainability, the architects input as well as safety norms.

On the following pages you will get an introduction to the core materials that goes into the making of our furniture.

Being first and foremost a producer of wooden furniture you can read about the various solid wood types we use such as

beech, oak, cherry, walnut, ash and mahogany under the section "wood".

Understand the differences between the three types of leather we use on our upholstered furniture; Sif, Thor and Loke under the section "Leather".

And, you can gain more insight on the fabrics we work with as well as which option you have when it comes to choosing just the kind of fabric that suits your needs under the section "Fabric".


We are first and foremost a producer of wooden furniture. All wood used by Carl Hansen & Søn is hardwood purchased from responsible sawmills with whom we have long, established relationships. Due to the design and quality of our products, we only use new wood - never recycled wood.

Please note that not all furniture we produce is available in all the wood sorts we work with. As wood is a natural product, variations in color and pigmentation will occur. Wooden furniture will also change appearance over time as it is affected by the environment in which it is placed.

We use oak, beech and ash mainly from Danish forests which are managed according to the Danish Forest Act (latest edition 2004). This law promotes sustainable forestry incorporating ecological, social and economic considerations. The law also stipulates that indigenous wood supplies must not only be sustainable, but, by law, also increase in a managed way.

The ash trees we use are approximately 150 years old. Ash has an open structure and beautiful long fibers. It is a very strong wood type which makes it very suitable for furniture production. However, this also makes it difficult to work with.

The oak trees we use are somewhere between 150-250 years old. Oak has shorter fibers than ash but is also a very strong wood type.

Oak is however easier to work with than ash. It has an open surface and the fibers are visible and touchable even when painted.

The beech trees we use are also around 150 years old. Beech is lighter than oak but heavier than ash. Beech has shorter fibers than oak and therefore easier to work with. It has a very smooth surface and if painted or lacquered, the fibers will not be visible.

We also use walnut and American cherry. These hardwoods are sourced from American forests.

The walnut we use is also around 150 years old. Walnut has a wide color spread ranging from light to dark brown. It is a very irregular wood type which makes it difficult to foresee which colors the wood has before opening the logs.

The American Cherry we use is around 150 years old. Cherry is a very firm wood type with great elasticity. The American Cherry has an incredible color span from deep orange, to golden, to dark brown.

Furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn is available in various surface treatments. This gives you the possibility of choosing what suits you the best. However, not all surface treatments are possible on all wood types.


Together with one of Europe's leading leather suppliers Carl Hansen & Søn has developed a special collection of fine leathers for our chairs and sofas. Our leathers comes in various qualities which are  suitable for everything from private homes to high-traffic public areas or the most exclusive lounges - and in a variety of beautiful colors.

The leather type "Loke" is a buffed, embossed ox hide with a coated surface.

Hides used for this type of leather are sanded to uniform thickness and then embossed to achieve a uniform surface without visible scares or other marks. Finally, a top coating is added to give the leather a protective layer.

This type of leather has a pleasant surface with low breathability. The advantages of "Loke" leather are that is requires low-maintenance and resists most stains and fading from sunlight.

We recommend this type of leather for homeowners who want easy maintenance at the lowest possible cost as well as for restaurants, hotels, public spaces etc.  

The leather type "Thor" is a semi-aniline ox hide with a natural grain and a coated surface.

More uniform hides are chosen for this type of leather. It has a largely uniform surface structure with some visible scars or other marks.

After aniline dying, a pigmentation coat is added to give perfect color uniformity. Finally, a top coating is added to give the leather a protective layer. This type of leather has a good touch and low breathability. The advantages of "Thor" leather are that it requires low-maintenance and resists most stains and fading from sunlight.

We recommend this type of leather for homeowners who want a good balance between maintenance and comfort.

The leather type "Sif" is a full grain, uncoated pure aniline ox hide.

Only the very finest hides are chosen. The tanning and dying processes are one and the same. No final pigmentation or coating are applied, so slight variations within hides and between hides may occur. "Sif"-leather has the most exclusive touch and the highest breathability. It has the most natural surface structure which is why scars or other marks may be visible.

Be aware that the light or vegetal colors will age with patina and grace - however, they are also very susceptible to stains. The darker colors will fade somewhat if exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time.

We recommend this type of leather for those who want the very best comfort and quality, and who love the graceful ageing of the very best leather.

Please see our complete leather collection here.


At Carl Hansen & Søn we make chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, daybeds and stools in a wide selection of various types and colors of textiles. All furniture upholstered in textile is made to order in the textile of your choice.

We cooperate with leading producers of high-quality furniture textiles, including KVADRAT and Gabriel.

Our flagship stores and dealers have samples of many of these textile collections in their stores - and this is by far the best way to experience them and see them together with the piece of furniture or a sample of the chosen wood type and surface treatment. 

It is also possible to upholster your chair or sofa with your very own fabric, however a few special conditions apply - please contact your local dealer for further information concerning Customer's Own Fabric.

All of our standard fabrics and leathers live up to the fire safety norms BSE EN1021-1 + BS EN 1021-2 as well as CALIF BULL.117SEC. E fire requirements.

Please see our complete fabric collection here.


Hans J. Wegner first used paper cord on his designs back in 1949. He chose this material because it is incredibly durable and also as natural as the wood it was to be weaved around.

The paper cord we use comes from sustainable Swedish forests. The paper cord is treated with a light wax coating prior to weaving in order to make it more resistant to discoloration and grease.

All paper cord is completely biodegradable or can be incinerated.

We use three different colors: natural, black and white. The natural color is made from pure, unbleached paper, whereas the black is dyed prior to weaving. The white color is bleached natural paper cord. We do not use recycled materials in paper cord, since the color variations from recycled paper are too great.


For our soap treated wooden furniture we use 100% natural soap based on pure vegetable oils.

For our oil treated wooden furniture we use oils that are based on plant oils.

These materials do not emit gases of any kind after they are applied.

All wood treated with soap or oil is completely biodegradable or can be incinerated.


The metal you see most often on Carl Hansen & Søn furniture and in all of our Hans J. Wegner collection is brushed stainless steel.

We have chosen to work with brushed stainless steel because:

It is incredibly tough towards nicks and scratches - as well

as finger prints and smudges.

It is completely resistant to rust - even after many years.

It looks beautiful and has a smooth surface.

Screws and other fittings are made of steel.


Carl Hansen & Søn only uses foam made of polyurethane, which is produced without the use of Freon. Since our furniture is often used in contract projects, strict fire codes must be fulfilled. Consequently, natural upholstery materials such as cotton or kapok are less suited.

All of our polyurethane foam materials are treated with fire-retardant compounds in order to meet Californian bulletin 117 and British standard BS5852 crib 5, together with other industry norms, e.g., EN1021-1 (cigarette test) EN 1021-2

(match test) and BS 7176 (fire test, non-domestic upholstery).

Synthetic materials such as foams can be handled without any special precautions. They emit an insignificant level of gases which gives of only a faint smell that vanishes after a short period of use.

If you wish to dispose of the material, we recommend you to incineration at high temperatures as foams are not biodegradable.


All glues, lacquers and paints adhere to formaldehyde norm E1 which means it emits less than 0.15 mg/ m3 air.

These materials do not emit gases once hardened which takes place at our factory, in correctly ventilated facilities.

Danish design

Authentic experience

5 years warranty

When you choose a Carl Hansen & Søn product, you gain more than just a piece of furniture. You become part of a proud tradition of distinctive and beautiful craftsmanship, where nothing has been left to chance. The world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, we also produce works by renowned design masters such as Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint, Poul Kjærholm, Mogens Koch, Bodil Kjær and Tadao Ando. Carl Hansen & Søn represents over 100 years of Danish design history and our furniture is sold all over the world.  

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