The core material of a veneered tabletop is wood fiberboard to which a thin layer of veneer is glued on both sides. This construction means that veneered tabletops are not affected by changes in humidity to the same degree as tabletops in solid wood. The thickness of the veneer varies according to the type of wood but is typically about 0.5mm thick. The veneer strips on a table are always cut from the same trunk which makes the table look harmonious and uniform.

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BM1160 | Hunting Table | 210x82

Oak, Oil, Stainless steel, Table top: veneer, oak edges, 210x82 cm, H72 cmView product

Normal cleaning and maintenance – oiled tabletops with veneer

General daily cleaning is done with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Avoid using detergents or chemicals.

Oil treatment – veneered tabletops

Veneered tabletops can be retreated in the same way as solid wood tabletops. We recommend that you oil your tabletop regularly, all depending on the location and use. As the veneer is relatively thin, great care must be taken when using abrasive sponges and sandpaper.

Normal cleaning and maintenance – lacquered tabletops with veneer

General regular cleaning is done with a soft cloth which has been soaked in warm water and rung out. Avoid using detergents or chemicals.

Lacquered surfaces cannot be retreated or repaired in the same way as oil treated surfaces. If bigger scratches or scuffs should occur on the surface, it is recommended that the damage be repaired at a professional carpentry workshop.

Special consideration

Despite the veneer on the individual table being cut from the same trunk, there may be color variations in the individual veneered panel. Minor knots, marked veins and color variations are a part of the wood’s natural appearance.

As daylight matures the color of the wood, it is important to be careful about permanently placing various objects on the tabletop, e.g., dishes, vases and candlestick holders that can cause unwanted color differences during the maturing which will subsequently be difficult to even out.

Never use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or polish on furniture with veneer.

Do not place hot or damp objects directly on the tabletop.


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