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RF200 Petal Lamp



Carl Hansen & Son is once again expanding its collection of lamps – this time with the Petal Lamp – which complements the collection of classic design and adds something new with its distinctive composition of materials and mood-creating light.

About her source of inspiration for the design, Rikke Frost says: “The Petal Lamp’s base is like the trunk of a tree, and the two elegant metal reflectors are the treetop spreading a soft, glare-free light.” She continues: “When I created the Petal Lamp, I was also inspired by big architectural arches and columns, and I was fascinated by the interplay of light through an arch and a curve. The result is a lamp that creates cosy mood lighting, because it illuminates upwards and disperses light downwards through the shades in a circular area.

Rikke Frost has allowed the materials play a leading role in the simple, organic design of the Petal Lamp, where her overarching goal was to strike a balance. This is why she made the lamp’s base in wood with visible grains that exude natural, warm radiance, while the light reflectors are made of metal with a cooler but still soft expression. As a result, the materials finely complement one another, while the lamp radiates expressive, glare-free light.

About the launch of the Petal Lamp, Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, says: “Designing a beautiful lamp that emits a pleasant light and is in keeping with our collection of furniture classics at the same time is no easy task. Rikke Frost is renowned for her uncompromising craftsmanship and accomplished mode of expression, and as we saw last year with the Sideways Sofa, she managed to unite classical materials with a modern mode of expression. The same is true of the Petal Lamp, which has a modern, sculptural look, while the straightforward materials make it timeless and classic at the same time. The lamp is not only beautiful to look at, it also creates a cosy atmosphere – almost a room in the room.

The Petal Lamp’s base and light reflectors can be brought together in a total of nine different combinations, making it possible to personalise one’s lamp so it goes perfectly with the intended interior.

RF200 Petal Lamp will be in shops from Fall/Winter 2021.




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