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(Tectona grandis)

Highly resistant to weather and water damage, teak unites premium quality with a dynamic appearance.

Teak is at the heart of our outdoor furniture collection. This exotic hardwood is prized for its warm spectrum of colours, with the wood’s golden-brown tone complemented by dark stripes that follow the tree’s growth rings.

As a highly elastic species with a tight wood grain, teak boasts a high oil content that allows its untreated wood to last for decades without damage. This natural resistance to fungi, pests, and moisture damage makes it a natural choice for boat building, exterior architecture, and outdoor furniture design. When it is first sliced, teak is a natural pinkish-green colour. After it is hung out in the sun, the wood absorbs the light to evolve into its appealing golden hue.

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Treatments tailored to every type

At Carl Hansen & Søn, we believe in minimal finishes that best showcase the unique qualities of each wood type. Because teak is naturally waterproof, our outdoor furniture collection remains untreated; over the years, it will acquire a silvery-grey colour as it patinates. Our indoor teak pieces are surface-treated with oil to produce a reddish-brown tone that patinates beautifully into an even colour with a warm glow.

Information about teak

Qualities in furniture production

Teak is a highly elastic wood with a high oil content, which makes it extremely weather-resistant and durable.

Teak is highly resistant to fungal attacks, which is a major reason why teak is so suitable for outdoor furniture.



Teak is an exotic wood species and grows naturally in tropical climates.

Carl Hansen & Søn only uses FSC-certified (FSC-C135991) teak from responsible partners.


Growth & size

The teak tree can grow up to 40 metres in height and 120 cm in diameter.



The weight of the wood may vary, but the mean weight is approximately 630 kg/m³.


At Carl Hansen & Søn, we only use the heartwood of teak.

Teak wood has a flaming, golden brown colour in the untreated state.

The teak has a lively appearance with dark stripes that follow the growth rings.

The wood can vary greatly in tone and grain thickness within the same trunk.


Surface treatment

Carl Hansen & Søn offers teak either untreated or surface-treated with oil.

Due to the high oil content of teak, it is not necessary to surface-treat the wood. Untreated teak can last for decades without being damaged.

In an untreated state, teak will have a silver-grey surface.

Oil-treating teak produces a reddish-brown colour with a warm golden glow. Over the years, the wood will patinate and acquire a silver-grey colour unless treated with oil.

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