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Wing Chair & Mama Bear Chair


The two sculptural lounge chairs, CH445 Wing Chair and CH78 Mama Bear Chair exemplify the creative and innovative mind of the legendary furniture designer Hans J. Wegner. Often referred to as ‘the master of the chair’, Wegner created almost 500 in his lifetime – many of them considered masterpieces.

Wegner’s extensive knowledge of wood resulted in a design philosophy anchored in fine craftsmanship, although it was Wegner’s passion for organic shapes and sculptural fluidity that inspired the forms and silhouettes of the Wing and Mama Bear Chairs. The chairs balance soft, supportive curves with dynamic geometric shapes, staging a lesson in form and function, craftsmanship, and courage.

Discover the new color palette of warm hues for CH445 Wing Chair & CH78 Mama Bear Chair for a limited time only.


CH78 | Mama Bear Chair

FSC™-certified oak, soap, Passion 6101View product

CH445 | Wing Chair

stainless steel, Passion 6101View product
stainless steel, Passion 1101
stainless steel, Passion 7101
stainless steel, Passion 13101
stainless steel, Passion 3101
FSC™-certified oak, soap, Passion 1101
FSC™-certified oak, oil, Passion 7101
FSC™-certified oak, soap, Passion 13101
FSC™-certified oak, oil, Passion 3101
stainless steel, Passion 1101
stainless steel, Passion 3101