A new hotel’s unique atmosphere and identity

SP34 is the name of a charming and unique new Copenhagen hotel, replete with furniture and interior design elements that have interesting stories to tell. CH88 is one of these elements.

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 "The new SP34 Hotel in Copenhagen located on Sankt Peders Stræde 34 - hence the name SP34."


"No Name," declares the working title of the initial neon sign that architect Morten Hedegaard had made a year ago, just after being commissioned to create a completely new hotel in central Copenhagen. "No Name" sums up a basic idea Morten Hedegaard shares with his clients, Søren and Mette Brøchner-Mortensen: to allow the hotel's identity to evolve naturally by creating or finding furniture and décor rich with character and stories - items that cannot be found elsewhere.

"We don't want to be a hotel people choose because of correct but predictable décor that relies on well-known icons. We want to be chosen for our great atmosphere, and because people sense that the interior design has something special to say

"Lobby area of SP34 furnished with Wegner's CH88 Chair."


We hope to arouse our guests' curiosity so they want to find out where the various elements - lamps, chairs, tables, and so on - come from," explains Morten Hedegaard, whose task was to refurbish the original Hotel Fox on Jarmers Plads, which the Brøchner Hotels Group has operated since 2007, and integrate it with the recently acquired neighboring building in Sankt Peders Stræde 34 - hence the name, SP34. The facades of the original Hotel Fox and the new building have been painted different shades, respecting the buildings' individual characters and ensuring the hotel does not dominate the street.

SP34 is a 4+ star hotel with 118 rooms ranging from 18 to 50 square meters, three penthouse suites, two restaurants, conference facilities on two floors for up to 100 participants, and a cinema that seats up to 25. 

"The curved backrest provides the perfect resting place and the chair itself permits movement. This made the CH88 Chair an obvious choice for the conference."


The story behind the new hotel had to be crafted from scratch - as did, for the most part, the hotel itself. Both buildings were stripped to the core and rebuilt, with the project's apt working title: "Pure, raw and honest." Whenever the demolition process uncovered an original element - a beautiful wall, floor or structure - it was preserved and incorporated into the final interior design.

With the ambition of having people in the neighborhood enjoy and feel a sense of connection to the new hotel, one of the goals was to draw the street into the buildings' interiors. To that end, most of the walls on the ground floor facing the street have been removed, offering an unobstructed view of the lobby and two restaurants. Guests check in at the bar, which offers a view of the hams and cheeses hanging from the ceiling. 

"The Cuba Chair by Morten Gøttler."


"Our idea for the lobby was to create a space where people walk in and ask themselves, 'Hasn't this always been here?' All the elements are different, have their own lives, and are intended to arouse interest. We have designed our own sofa and a hippie bench. In the hotel basement, we found a 1950s chair by an unknown designer that we put into production and now have in the rooms. Light fixtures with antique Swedish glass shades, mirrors with leather frames, and beautiful oak coat hangers are among the decorative accents that we had made to order - and these can all be purchased at the hotel."

"In the bar and reception area guests are encouraged to hang out in the custom made sofa and Wegner's bar stool, CH56, designed in 1985." 


"The Colonial Chair, designed by Ole Wanscher in 1949, is used for the lounge area of the hotel."


An exceptional hotel requires exceptional partners, and Morten Hedegaard notes that relationships with suppliers have been a cornerstone of the entire project: "To achieve the soul and spirit we wanted in the hotel, there was no sense in working with manufacturers who simply deliver a product. The suppliers had to be on the same page as us, fully appreciate the project, and present ideas we hadn't thought of. We provided the framework, but to get the best result, many creative minds had to fill in the details. For example, Carl Hansen & Søn showed us a number of largely unknown chairs. The Heritage Chair, designed by Frits Henningsen, the Colonial Chair, designed by Ole Wanscher, Wegner's barstool, and the Cuba Chair by Morten Gøttler are used in the lobby and the rooms."

"The Heritage Chairs in the lobby create a relaxing and intimate sphere. Designed by Frits Henningsen in 1930 and reintroduced by Carl Hansen & Søn in 2013."


"Carl Hansen & Søn knew we also needed a conference chair and showed us a picture of CH88 early in the project," recalls Morten Hedegaard. "The chair was designed in 1955 and presented at a Swedish exhibition. It was never put into production, and has since only existed as drawings in Hans J. Wegner's archives. This story is perfect for our hotel, as is the chair."

"I have sat in many lovely conference rooms, but always in the same type of chair, with a mediocre frame and upholstered backrest," Hedegaard continues. "The justification is, of course, the need to save money on a chair that is required in such large numbers. But we chose to go in the opposite direction. 

"We wanted our conference chair to have such an attractive appearance and finish that people would be drawn to look at it and touch it, Morten Hedegaard, main architect of SP34, explains when asked about the choice of CH88 Chairs for the conference"


We wanted our conference chair to have such an attractive appearance and finish that people would be drawn to look at it and touch it. CH88 has this appeal, and is also extremely comfortable. Like Wegner's other chairs, it permits movement - which is a big advantage when you have to sit for several hours. The curved backrest provides the perfect resting place. CH88 is an experience in itself, and makes conferences at SP34 something special. It can actually be much more than a conference chair, so we put a few of them in the lobby as well."  

"CH88 Chairs in one of the smaller, adjacent conference rooms of the hotel."