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Q&A with Tobias Lykke Søby

Tobias Lykke Søby, 24 years old, apprentice at Carl Hansen & Søn.

How far have you come in your training?
I have been training for three years, and I have six months left before I graduate.


Why did you choose to start as an apprentice at Carl Hansen & Søn?
I chose to start at Carl Hansen and Søn as I have a passion for design, design history and quality. And I think that
Carl Hansen and Søn epitomizes all of these things.


What is the best thing about being an apprentice in THE LAB at Carl Hansen & Søn?
The best thing about being an apprentice at Carl Hansen & Søn is that you get to be part of a large company with
rich traditions that really looks after their apprentices and has created a progressive learning environment in the
apprentice workshop.


What can THE LAB apprentice workshop at Carl Hansen & Søn offer that other apprenticeships cannot?
THE LAB creates an environment where you can learn a lot and have the opportunity to work independently, while
being involved in the entire process – from plank to product.


What do you want to use your training for down the road?
I would like to work with furniture, but I might also end up doing further studies which can be combined with the
cabinetmaker training.

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