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The designers in the Carl Hansen & Søn Outdoor Collection each bring their unique vision and personality to furniture design.


Alfred Homann’s sense of clarity and logic is evident in the AH Outdoor Series, where all superfluous details are eliminated in favour of simple expression and high functionality. Bodil Kjær’s Indoor-Outdoor Series offers an uplifting study in architectural harmony, while a sense of lightness is present in Børge Mogensen’s Outdoor Series in the way the furniture can be arranged and rearranged so easily. Morten Gøttler’s ingenious Cuba Chair proves that a truly timeless design will be at home in various contexts, whether that is inside or out.


Lastly, the Austrian design trio EOOS and Islandic Gudmundur Ludvik have joined the collection in 2024 with their modern take on special-made furniture for the outdoors, with a shared attention to functionality, comfort, and expert craftsmanship.

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Discover Carl Hansen & Søn's full range of outdoor furniture by Børge Mogensen, Alfred Homann, Bodil Kjær & Morten Gøttler.


Shaped by Nature

In the Carl Hansen & Søn Outdoor Collection exceptional design takes on new forms to harmonise with various outdoor spaces. Each piece in the collection brings form and function together in a perfect balance. Discover the full collection here.

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