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An Ode to a Visionary

Celebrating 110 years of Hans J. Wegner

Designer and architect Hans J. Wegner was known as the ‘master of the chair’, with impressive 500 chairs made in his career. He was a prominent figure in mid-century modern design, known for his iconic furniture pieces that blends functionality, form, and craftsmanship. In his personal life he was loved and admired by many.


In 2024, we celebrate Wegner’s 110th birthday by paying tribute to his life and work. Discover design stories, home visits, and interviews about one of history’s greatest mid-century designers below.

CH24 Children's Wishbone Chair

Same iconic design, just smaller

Iconic Danish design for a new generation. Celebrating 110 years of Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Søn reveals the CH24 Children’s Wishbone Chair.

The First Masterpieces

Hans J. Wegner

The remarkable legacy of five chair designs by Hans J. Wegner has shaped the Carl Hansen & Søn philosophy for over 75 years and is a celebration of collaboration and craftsmanship.

Behind an icon

The CH24 Wishbone Chair

Considered one of the most famous symbols of Danish furniture design, the CH24 is, of course, also known as the Wishbone Chair. Globally admired, its elegant, curved frame is often spotted in the world’s best restaurants and hotels as well as homes all over the world.

A tribute to Hans J. Wegner

One of the most prolific designers of his generation, Hans J. Wegner is known for his aesthetic playfulness balanced with incomparable craftsmanship. With an impressive portfolio of more than 500 chairs and many other furniture pieces of outstanding quality and a vision transcending time and style, he is a beacon of the Danish modern era. To honor the 110th anniversary of his birth, Carl Hansen & Søn presents ‘A Tribute to Hans J. Wegner’, a celebratory series of home visits with makers, thinkers and creators all having Wegner as a clear reference in both living and working. From Copenhagen to London, Tokyo, and New York, they are bound together by a strong connection to the past when creating the contours of today.

Hans J. Wegner


Hans J. Wegner’s world-famous furniture continues to carry influence within modern homes today. Even if not familiar by name, one will most likely have experienced a Wegner design in their lifetime. 


A cabinetmaker first and foremost, Wegner’s curiosity for materials and a deeply rooted understanding of the characteristics of wood led him to create a whole new typology of furniture design that would forever put Denmark on the map as the birthplace of modern design.

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