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Consent agreement

By clicking ‘Yes’, I agree and consent to Carl Hansen & Søn contacting me with all types of electronic marketing such as email, text messages and Facebook custom audience advertising about Carl Hansen & Søn’s furniture and accessories collection, campaigns and marketing in relation hereto, also via apps, social media, and other digital channels with news and information about products, campaigns, and other interesting initiatives.

I can, of course, at any time revoke my consent, either via a deregistration link in one of the emails/text messages you have received from Carl Hansen & Søn, or by contacting Carl Hansen & Søn directly by email at webshop@carlhansen.dk

Carl Hansen & Søn may collect and use data about me and my activities and link such data with other information that Carl Hansen & Søn already have received or will receive from other sources such as cookies from carlhansen.com, for, among other things, creating a profile that can target messages to me. You can read more about our cookie and privacy policy here.

Carl Hansen & Søn may share data about me and my activities internally in the group between Carl Hansen & Søn Møbelfabrik A/S, Carl Hansen & Søn Retail A/S and Carl Hansen & Søn Holding A/S and use such information to send me emails adapted to my profile.

If other relevant products, business partners or ways of communicating are added in the future, Carl Hansen & Søn may use this consent to inform me and ask me if I want to update my consent or data about me.

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