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At Carl Hansen & Søn, we use only the finest-quality buffed and pigmented cowhide for our products. Our Freja leather is renowned for its durability and easy-to-clean surface, making it the perfect choice for both private and public environments.

The leather is buffed, which means that any natural marks or errors are sanded away, creating a smooth and uniform surface. After this, the leather is coated and embossed, resulting in a consistent appearance that is both sleek and refined.

Thanks to its superior durability, pigmented leather is an excellent option for furniture that is subjected to frequent use and wear. At Carl Hansen & Søn, we take pride in our use of high-quality materials, and our Freja leather is no exception.

  • AJ52 | Society Table

    Nussbaum, geölt, edelstahl, 140x70 cm, H72 cm

    8.553 €

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Explore our other leather types

Leather Group A


Experience the durability of Loke leather, a buffed and pigmented cowhide leather. Its uniform, smooth appearance and easy-to-clean surface make it perfect for public and private environments.

Leather Group B


Experience the practical Thor leather, a semi-aniline cowhide leather. Its recommended when it is essential to have a practical type of leather without forfeiting its soft and comfortable characteristics.

Leather Group C


Sif Leather is an aniline leather is made from the highest quality rawhide and is characterized by its exclusive and soft surface as well as excellent seating comfort

Leather Group D

Saddle Leather

Discover the unique beauty of saddle leather - a premium material sourced from the middle section of cowhide, known for its strength, durability, and ability to develop a stunning patina over time. Perfect for high-quality, long-lasting leather goods.

Leather Group G


At Carl Hansen & Søn, the highest quality genuine cowhide from South America is used for upholstery products. The unique pattern and appearance of each cowhide make every piece of upholstery one-of-a-kind. The natural variation in colour, pattern, and hair length is to be expected due to the natural characteristics of the material.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? If you are looking for a furniture item in a different type of wood, surface treatment or colour, we may be able to help. Please note that not all our furniture is available in all wood varieties and surface treatments. For colours or materials not shown on the website, please contact customer service by email: webshop@carlhansen.com / phone: +45 6313 2672. 

The colours are only intended as a guide and may vary depending on your screen.

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