Carl Hansen & Søn’s rug collection includes rugs made of wool and rugs made of jute, a plant fiber. 

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Aslak 160x230 | Rugs

100% Jute, Natural, 160x230 cm

Normal cleaning and maintenance – jute

Do regular cleaning by vacuuming. Alternatively, beating the rug is recommended. Do not remove stains with water as this can cause spotting, instead contact a professional carpet cleaner.

Note: Colors may fade if the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for an extended period. It is recommended that the rug be turned and rotated regularly.

We recommend using a rug pad to avoid color smudges.

General cleaning and maintenance – wool

Do regular cleaning by vacuuming. Always vacuum the carpet in the direction of the pile. Avoid rubbing forcefully with the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle and never use a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes as this can, in the worst case, damage the fibers.

In the case of stains and soiling, it is recommended that the carpet be washed flat by a professional carpet cleaner.

Most new carpets shed wool which is perfectly normal. Remove excess pile from the carpet.

We recommend using a rug pad to avoid color smudges.

Special consideration

Threads can protrude from the rug. This is not a fault but can, e.g., happen in connection with vacuuming. Never pull the threads but remove them carefully with scissors. Make sure to only cut the loose thread and not the loop in the rug.




カール・ハンセン&サンが製造販売するのは、家具だけではありません。一切の妥協を許さないクラフトマンシップ、考え抜かれたデザイン、デンマークが誇る伝統的な製作技術、そして、なによりも家具に対する深い愛情を感じることができるはずです。ハンス J. ウェグナーの家具を最も数多く製作するメーカーとして知られていますが、他にもアルネ・ヤコブセン、ボーエ・モーエンセン、オーレ・ヴァンシャー、コーア・クリント、ポール・ケアホル、ボーディル・ケア、安藤忠雄など世界的に知られたデザイナーの家具も製作しています。創業100年を超える、カール・ハンセン&サンのコレクションは今日、一流ディーラーを通して世界各国で販売されています。