Carl Hansen & Søn offers a comprehensive choice of textiles. The textiles, used for upholstery, come from leading Danish suppliers. The quality and properties are carefully chosen and are suitable for both private and public use. The textiles are tested according to standardized test methods as great importance is placed on durability, resilience and functionality.

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Normal cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of upholstered furniture is important in retaining the upholstery fabric appearance, as well as prolonging its life. Dust and dirt also contribute to a bad indoor climate.

We recommend that the upholstered furniture is vacuumed often and preferably every week. Where there are loose cushions, it is a good idea to swap the cushions from time to time so that the cushions have equal wear and tear. Cushions with polydun should be shaken regularly during use to ensure an even distribution of polydun in the cushion and to keep the shape of the cushion (see also cushions with down and feathers).

Special cleaning – stain removal

Generally, for all stains, the quicker the stain is cleaned and treated, the greater the chance for the stain to be completely removed.

In the case of spilled liquids, soak up the liquid with a clean cloth as quickly as possible. Non-greasy stains can be removed initially by gently dabbing with a clean cloth or sponge soaked in clean, warm water. Avoid getting the fabric too wet so that the water and dirt do not seep in further. Work on the stain from the outer edge towards the middle.

Grease stains can be removed with suitable stain removers. We always recommend that the stain remover first be tested on a less visible place before the more visible area. Stains from thick liquids or solids should be scraped up as much as possible before further cleaning.  Dried stains should be vacuumed for loose particles before any further treatment.

Note: Do not rub firmly on the material as this can damage the fabric and the color.

After cleaning with water, the upholstery fabric must be completely dry before use. It is recommended to dry the cover carefully with a blow dryer to avoid stains on the microfibers.

Multiple or larger stains require special treatment and techniques. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact a professional furniture dry cleaner before trying to remove a larger stain yourself. Steam cleaning must not be used.

Special consideration

Upholstered furniture should not be in direct sunlight or near heat emitting sources such as wood burning stoves and radiators. Do not use solvents as they may dissolve the underlying upholstery material. Also, do not use undiluted detergents, bleach, ammonia or soap, which are intended for hard surfaces, on upholstery fabrics.

Be aware that non-colorfast clothing dyes can rub off on upholstery fabric. Unfortunately, the stain from the clothing cannot always be removed by washing or cleaning.

Steam cleaning must not be used.

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RF1903-Left | Sideways sofa





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