Carl Hansen & Søn uses only polyurethane foam (PUR). PUR is a highly stable and light material with excellent comfort and longevity.

When our furniture is used in public places, it must meet strict fire requirements. This means that fabrics such as cotton and the like are less suitable for upholstery in these situations. We, therefore, work with two different types of foam – those that are fire retardant and those that are not.

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RF1903-Left | Sideways sofa

ウォルナット材, オイル仕上げ, Hallingdal 116, ナチュラルペーパーコード

RF1903-Left | Sideways sofa

FSC®認証を受けたオーク材, ソープ仕上げ, Fiord 751, ナチュラルペーパーコード

Our CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) cushion foam is treated with fire retardant materials to meet the following standards:

  • BS5852 Crib 5 test

CMHR upholstery is mainly used for products for the UK market.

Our HR (High Resilience) upholstery foam meets the following standards:

  • Cal TB 117 (California Technical Bulletin)
  • Ordinance 211-17
  • AB2998

HR upholstery foam is used for products for the US market and for all other markets.

General maintenance of furniture with upholstery foam

Regular maintenance of furniture with upholstery foam is important to extend its life span. Dust and dirt also contribute to a bad indoor climate. Therefore, it is necessary to vacuum furniture with upholstery foam regularly.

Normal cleaning and maintenance

We recommend that you vacuum furniture with upholstery foam often, preferably every week.

Chemical cleaning done by a professional company is recommended for stain removal.

Special consideration

Newly produced furniture containing foam can give off a distinctive and harmless faint scent that decreases over time.

Furniture with foam should not be exposed to direct sunlight or close to heat sources (e.g., wood burning sources and radiators)

Do not use solvents as these can dissolve the foam material.  Also, do not use undiluted detergents, bleaches, ammonia or soaps intended for hard surfaces on furniture fabric.

Steam cleaning must not be used.

Since upholstery foam is not biodegradable, we recommend that furniture with upholstery foam be brought to recycling stations or similar.




カール・ハンセン&サンが製造販売するのは、家具だけではありません。一切の妥協を許さないクラフトマンシップ、考え抜かれたデザイン、デンマークが誇る伝統的な製作技術、そして、なによりも家具に対する深い愛情を感じることができるはずです。ハンス J. ウェグナーの家具を最も数多く製作するメーカーとして知られていますが、他にもアルネ・ヤコブセン、ボーエ・モーエンセン、オーレ・ヴァンシャー、コーア・クリント、ポール・ケアホル、ボーディル・ケア、安藤忠雄など世界的に知られたデザイナーの家具も製作しています。創業100年を超える、カール・ハンセン&サンのコレクションは今日、一流ディーラーを通して世界各国で販売されています。