Ole Wanscher’s timeless classic, reinterpreted with new eco-friendly upholstery

Created more than 60 years ago by Danish architect Ole Wanscher, the Colonial Chair gets reinterpreted in collaboration with Kvadrat. The joint effort highlights the sustainability of the Colonial Series’ lasting design, minimal use of wood and uncompromising quality alongside the eco-friendly Re-wool upholstery fabric.

Following his minimalistic and functional approach to craftmanship, Wanscher created a timeless classic that is as relevant today as when he first started drawing its contours. With its elegant shape and minimal use of wood, the chair reveals Wanscher's penchant for timeless, light aesthetics. The large structural frame is slender and slim, almost fragile, but it reveals the designer's outstanding craft and joinery skills. Its ingenious construction is characterized by high-quality materials and ideal proportions to ensure the chair's sustainability but at the same time, optimal balance and strength. 

Today, after six decades, Carl Hansen & Søn has teamed up with Kvadrat to rethink the iconic lounge chair. This new version is reinterpreted and clad in Re-wool, a new fabric envisioned by Danish designer Margrethe Odgaard and crafted using 45% recycled wool scraps originating from Kvadrat’s yarn spinners in the UK. The new material boasts a poetic aura and an exceptional depth of color resulting in a dynamic texture and a contemporary feel.

Colonial x Re-wool is exclusively sold in Carl Hansen & Son Flagship store.