In the late 1960s, Børge Mogensen designed the Deck Chair Series for his own balcony. Carl Hansen & Søn is now relaunching Mogensen’s functional range in durable, FSC®-certified teak that will fit any climate.

The Deck Chair Series is a complete range of outdoor furniture for use on balconies, patios and terraces. Designed to fulfill Børge Mogensen’s own personal need for comfortable yet space-saving outdoor furniture, the collection comprises a number of flexible pieces that are easy to move around. Furthermore, the foldable designs can be hung on a wall mount as a decorative feature when not in use.

Crafted in untreated, FSC®-certified teak, the pieces are extremely durable due to the strong wood and its naturally high oil content. The teak can withstand changing weather conditions and will patinate beautifully over time, acquiring a more silvery hue. A common feature in the series is the rounded ends of the frame, a typical Mogensen detail, and the identical spacing of the visible steel screws. With its inviting feel and light expression, the range is equally suited for indoor use.

Børge Mogensen is celebrated as “the people’s designer”. His humanistic and democratic approach to design drew inspiration from both the American Shakers and 19th-century English furniture design. Taught by Danish architect Kaare Klint, Mogensen’s strong sense of proportion and comfort is also evident in this collection.

The relaunch of the Deck Chair Series is the result of a close dialogue between Carl Hansen & Søn and Børge Mogensen’s family. As the collection highlights versatility and flexibility, it meets modern-day demands and is just as relevant, as when Mogensen designed it.

The series consist of deck chair BM5568, side table BM5868, footstool BM5768, tray BM1069, dining table BM3670, chair BM4570 and wall mount small and large, BM5270S and BM5270L.





カール・ハンセン&サンの商品を選ぶことは、単なる家具を手に入れることではありません。美しく磨き抜かれたクラフトマンシップの誇り高い伝統の一部になるのです。ハンス J. ウェグナーのデザインを世界で一番多く製造する家具メーカーとして、アルネ・ヤコブセン、ボーエ・モーエンセン、オーレ・ヴァンシャー、コーア・クリント、ポール・ケアホルム、ボディル・ケア、安藤忠雄などの名だたるデザインの巨匠たちの作品も製造しています。カール・ハンセン&サンは、100年以上続く豊かな歴史を誇るデンマークデザインを代表する企業であり、その家具は世界中で販売されています。